Fiona….. demi couture by V.Zoulias

7 November 2016 | Diary

R.Lauren once said : “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.”
This saying fits for Vassilis Zoulias and his collection of art!

A demi couture collection dedicated to a woman of style and one of the greatest beauties of our time.
This collection is mostly based on cocktail dresses and long gowns created by silk florals, fine laces and precious brocades.

Jewellery designer Pericles Kondylatos with his creations brought an avant guard  sense to all garments.

Take a romantic photowalk under the notes of a Dream!

Card Postal

*author : Athena Papavangeli
*fotos by Marianthi Papavangeli

a b dsc_1240 dsc_1246 dsc_1241 dsc_1209 dsc_1211 dsc_1226 dsc_1232 dsc_1242 dsc_1215 dsc_1216 dsc_1219 dsc_1229 dsc_1274 dsc_1267  dsc_1266 dsc_1270 dsc_1273 dsc_1253dsc_1254 dsc_1393 dsc_1297 dsc_1288 dsc_1285 dsc_1286 dsc_1442 dsc_1290 dsc_1291 dsc_1307 dsc_1308 dsc_1283 dsc_1300 dsc_1292 dsc_1298 dsc_1301 dsc_1309 dsc_1311 dsc_1314 dsc_1317 dsc_1322 dsc_1323 dsc_1333 dsc_1337 dsc_1339 dsc_1341 dsc_1396 dsc_1397 dsc_1382 dsc_1345 dsc_1350 dsc_1353 dsc_1352 dsc_1417 dsc_1391 dsc_1366 dsc_1359 dsc_1388 dsc_1440 dsc_1448 dsc_1400 dsc_1430 dsc_1435 dsc_1468 dsc_1437 dsc_1451


dsc_1495 dsc_1479 dsc_1484 dsc_1486 dsc_1487 dsc_1489 dsc_1490 dsc_1493 dsc_1498 dsc_1514 dsc_1540 dsc_1545 dsc_1531 dsc_1534