Rendezvous in Nafplion

Posted in - on June 17th 2023

Wedding Invitation in Nafplio! Victor and Elpida, after meeting at a dance school, decided to tie the knot by dancing Isaiah’s dance! With the Nafplio castle as a background, a dance was staged………

Wedding in City Hall!!

Posted in - on June 17th 2023

When a couple in love, like Efi & Alekos organize their wedding, the result is “let’s have fun!” The photos speak for themselves!   So let’s get married… … … !!

A Dreamy Wedding in Palaiochora

Posted in - on January 9th 2022

Chania – Crete, a city- an island familiar and beloved to me. The wedding photography of a couple I love and the images began to form in front of me. Small and traditional church, airy – island bridal, simple – relaxed couple and above all fun! As it turned out as a wedding photographer, I […]

When Love Happens…

Posted in - on February 12th 2017

“Time is very slow for those who wait very fast sor those who are scared very long fro those who lament very short for those who celebrate but for those who love, time is ETERNAL” -W.Shakespeare

Summer wedding in Athens

Posted in - on September 17th 2016

Kostis and Anastezia gave a fresh air of an island on their wedding day! A perfectly fitting couple, cheery and simply shared they joy and they positive energy with all of us! They married near the sea and when the sun went down they entertained under the lights of Vouliagmeni’s lake.

Orestes + Maria = L.F.E

Posted in - on September 17th 2016

One fine day Maria and Orestes met,fell in love in Athens and time after time they married in Crete. A sunny day of July, the bride began her journey from Chania city , the groom from Kastelli and found each other in the middle!

A romantic spring wedding in North!

Posted in - on September 17th 2016

With blooming flowers in nature and on  Magda’s dress , with Filip’s smiles and gray suittook place their marriage at City Hall of Ekeren in Antwerp. Family and close friends shared a beautiful day of celebration and bliss under the pale sun of Belgium!